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Non Piercing Nipple, Body and Genital Jewellery

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Nipple Rings

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Clitoris Clips

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Nipple Shields

Handmade Nipple & Body Jewellery

Non piercing nipple rings, body and clitoris jewellery, pussy and cock cock ring jewelleryjewellery. Designed for woman and men to stimulate and enhance your foreplay with every movement. All handmade in solid silver or gold.

The unique thing about our nipple rings and all our non piercing body jewellery is you do not need to have a piercing to be able to wear them. Simply open the nipple rings or clips and squeeze together for a secure comfortable fit.

Inside our website you will find erotic adult jewellery including non piercing nipple rings, chains, clips, dangles and nipple shields. Ankle chains, arm bands, body rings, clit jewellery, bottom teasers, cock rings, ear cuffs, pussy and genital jewellery, toe rings, thumb jewellery, waist chains and an array of more special delites.

Body Jewellery

womens body jewelleryWomen's Body Jewellery

Body jewellery for women. All designed in adjustable styles.

Ankle chains, armbands, body rings, ear cuffs, nose studs, lip rings, slave bangles, toe rings, waist chains and more. Admire the craftsman ship in these one off designs for all you ladies and girls out there. All handmade in silver or gold.

men's body jewelleryMen's Body Jewellery

Body jewellery for men. All designed in adjustable styles.

Body rings, bottom teaser jewellery, cock rings, love pleasure bumps, spiral cock rings, ear cuffs, lip studs, men's non piercing nipple rings, thumb rings, toe rings. All unique jewellery totally hand made by Hidden Delites.

More outstanding designs ...

Nipple Rings.

Our most popular design is the non piercing nipple rings which are available in hand twisted hand braided or solid styles. The unique thing is that any woman can wear these designs. The silver ring is strong but also soft enough to wind down around your nipples to fit comfortably and securely. The natural beauty of your breasts are enhanced when seen with a ring of silver or gold wrapped around them. It gives them a great erect look. Fantastic foreplay for you and your partner as your try them on.

The great thing about buying hidden delites jewellery is you can also mix and match it up with all our other products. Most come in small and large sizes to suit the individual.

Just imagine ladies your lover attaching the clit clip dangles around your inner labia lips, feeling the tightness as the clip is gently squeezed together, the crystals brushing over your inner thighs, this erotic genital jewellery is so beautiful.

Not forgetting you gentlemen how about a non piercing nipple ring or a hand braided adjustable cock ring matched up with a hand made bottom teaser. Your lover sliding the clip slowly into you, feeling the sensation as the clip effortlessly glides in, the crystals caressing you, how sexually erotic.

Why wear non piercing body jewellery.

We all love to wear jewelry. Men and women. With all the new designs on the market for clitoris, cock, breast and bottom jewellery its difficult to find designs with out having to have a piercing. This erotic body jewellery lets you enhance your body with out having to have a permanent hole in your skin. You get to share the pleasurable feelings of wearing the non piercing jewellery with out the pain factor of a piercing.