2 Ball

Double Wrap

Frenulum Cock Ring

Custom Made in Solid Silver.
Made to be worn below the head of the penis.
Handmade by our skilled silversmith.

2 ball penis ring
Cock Glans Rings are made to be worn below the head of the penis.
Ring thickness 3mm
2 silver pressure balls
26 mm internal diameter (1.02 inch)

2 ball cock ringpenis jewelry

2 Ball Frenulum
Cock Ring

How to Wear the Glans / Frenulum Cock Ring

frenulum cock ring diagram

In the above picture you can see where the Frenulum is. This is where you place the V of glans ring.

To put on you can use lube or moisturiser. The lube will make the ring slip on your penis easily and without any discomfort. Or when taking a shower use soap and you can twist the ring into position.

frenulum penis ring


The glans rings are designed to fit just under the head of your penis.
This design is double wrapped solid silver with 2 silver balls to give added pleasure.
Their main function is to enhance the head by constricting blood flow in the glans.
On the under side of the penis where the glans head and penile shaft meet there is a sensitive spot known as the frenulum.
That is where you wear the glans ring.

They can be worn by circumsized or uncircumsized men.
Can be worn under clothing.
Can be worn during sex.

All the jewellery at hidden delites is hand made in solid silver and gold.

This 2 ball double frenulum ring was commisioned by a customer. I am proud to now show it and sell.