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Hidden Delites has been making custom made jewellery since 2001

non piercing nipple rings


What does a Cock Ring do?

Cock Rings all work very much the same. They compress the area around the base or head of the penis and can help keep blood in your cock.

What is the purpose of Glans, Cock and Scrotum Rings?

• Harder Erections.
Restricting the flow of blood out of your erect cock can give you stronger and firmer erections.
• Delayed Orgasms .
Compressing the base of the cock or the balls can delay cumming and can help you last longer.
• Intense Climaxes.
When you finally cum. You can experience bigger and more full body orgasms.
• Heightened Sex Drive.
The feeling of the constriction on your glans or the weight around your cock and your balls can be a constant turn on. Noticeable when wearing during the day time under your clothing.
• A Bigger Bulge.
Even when your penis is soft the rings can keep you plumped up and out. Depending on the ring they can fill out your jeans or your swimming costume.

What are the benefits for your partner?

Cock Rings also benefit your partner. By lasting longer before you orgasm you are prolonging their pleasure. A hard penis with a cock ring wrapped around it is a visual turn on. Fantastic for foreplay.

Measuring for your Scrotum Rings

how to measure for scrotum ring.

photo worn around scrotum and penis 

Measuring for Glans Rings

Do this when you are flaccid. (soft) You can then wear it 24/7.

measuring for a glans cock ring

glans ring being worn on head of penis

Measuring for a Cock Ring

how to measure for cock ring with string and ruler

cock ring

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Hidden Delites has been making Custom Hand Made Jewellery since 2001.