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Hidden Delites has been making custom made jewellery since 2001

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Dome Splitter Cock Ring

Custom made in 98 % Solid Silver.
Choice of plating, 24ct Rose Gold, 24 ct White Gold or 24ct Yellow Gold.
Made in a size 10 guage. Equals 3.25mm (0.12 inch) width.
2 Sizes available 45mm and 50mm

dome splitter cock ring jewellery

Dome Splitter Cock Rings are custom made in 98% solid silver. Or your choice of 24ct gold plating.
The dome shaped central bar separates your shaft from your scrotum. This will give your ball sack a gentle stretch.
With an erection the penis gets a slight boost in the upward postion.
With ejaculation you will feel the balls trying to rise but will be held in place by the dome splitter. A unique stretching sensation. Highly stimulating.

scrotum and cock ringscrotum and penis ring


They can be worn by circumsized or uncircumsized men.
Can be worn under clothing.

dome ring splitter worn on penis

The cock ring should be put on while the penis is flaccid (not erect).
Apply just a touch of lubricant to the inside of the cock ring. This will help it slide on smoothly and will make positioning easier.
Face the full circle towards you.
Place each testicle through the circle under the bottom bar.
Then place your penis through the the circle above the upper bar.
Another option is to have a hot shower and use soap. You may find it easier to stretch you bits to put into position.
Check the pictures to show you the positioning of ring.

diameter of dome splitter penis ring

dome ring worn by john

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Hidden Delites has been making Custom Hand Made Jewellery since 2001.