Glans Cock Ring

With Frenulum V

Custom Made using approximately 60 grams solid silver. (2.11 ounce)
Made to be worn below the head of the penis.
Handmade by our skilled silversmith to your exact size.

frenulum heavy v glans ring jewelry


The Heavy Glans V rings are designed to fit just under the head of your penis. Their main function is to enhance the head by constricting blood flow in the glans. On the under side of the penis where the glans head and penile shaft meet there is a sensitive spot known as the frenulum. That is where you wear the glans ring. This ring has a width of 6mm. Height of the V is 18mm.

Can be worn under clothing.

frenulum cock ringheavy penis ring solid silver

Extra Heavy Glans V
Cock Ring

How to Wear the Glans / Frenulum Cock Ring

frenulum cock ring diagram

In the above picture you can see where the Frenulum is. This is where you place the V of the glans ring.

To put on you can use lube or moisturiser. The lube will make the ring slip on your penis easily and without any discomfort. You can also put it on when having a hot shower using soap.

Custom Fitting

Measuring for your glans ring.
If you want to wear the cock ring all day and under clothing take a measurement while flaccid. (soft)
Take a string or a measuring tape and wrap it below the head of the penis. You will need to take a note of the circumference.
If using string mark the string then lay it on a ruler to get the circumference.

If you want to wear the cock ring while erect take another measurement when hard. The measurement between flaccid and erect will ensure the ring is tight enough so it provides a good grip. You don’t want your glans ring to slip off during sex or masturbation.
When you get hard you want the ring to be snug but not painful or uncomfortable.

Once you have your circumference or diameter you can email me with your size when ordering.
To get the diameter you divide your circumference size by 3.14

circumference and diamter for glans rings

penis ring

Heavy Glans V Ring

frenulum heavy cock ringv glans ring for penis

There is alot involved in getting your custom glans ring made. Every part of the process is made by hand even the polishing. We want your ring to be perfect ..

All the jewellery at hidden delites is hand made in solid silver.

Please enquire if you are interested in Rose Gold or 24ct gold plated.