Free Gift

Every order comes with one of these free hand made embroidered silk jewellery bags.

They are all fully lined in a rainbow of colourful silks.

These jewellery bags are great for protecting your new jewellery.

jewellery bag pouches

Because we value our jewellery and we know you want to keep it safe, each purchase comes in a beautiful hand made embroidered silk bag.

Its the little differences that count and we believe that little difference is very important.

Embroidered hand made jewellery bags come in different sizes and colours of our choice.

That's the SURPRISE.

jewellery bag in red

You can also order extra bags seperately.

One Jewellery Bag
£2.99 each

Two to Five Bags
£2.49 each

Six or more Bags
£1.99 each

After clicking on the buy me button enter the quantity of bag you require.

For example 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 etc.

We post worldwide.