Nipple Clips

These gorgeous silver clips are suitable for all women. Great also for women with smaller or inverted nipples because the clip can be closed down to a small size.

The natural beauty of your nipples are greatly enhanced when seen with solid silver clips clasped around your nipples.

They all hand made in solid silver by our skilled silversmith.

nipple clips for all woman
nipple clips on erect nipple

Nipple Clips
£18.00 pair

Wearing your silver nipple clips.

So easy to wear just slid into place around the nipple and gently squeeze together.

The silver is firm but soft enough so you can open them to fit. They do not fall off when secured properly.

About Nipple Clips

All our nipple designs are individually made not mass produced. When you buy our designs you are getting a one off piece of original jewellery.

Imagine the pleasure of giving nipple clips as a present. Most certainly be unique and a wonderful pleasure for you and your lover.

Wait till your lovers face sees your erect nipples poking through these pretty nipple clips.

Nipple Clips are available in Gold