Nipple Dangles

with Love Hearts

Nipple dangle jewellery designed for any woman to wear, simply open the braided silver ring place over your erect nipples.

The rings maintain the erect nipple which results in not only a very erotic and sensuous feeling for you they also look beautiful.

Every piece is hand made in solid silver using genuine Swarovski love heart dangles.

ruby hearts on breasts
nipple dangles with ruby loveheart dangles

Nipple Dangles

Ruby or Amethyst Love Hearts

swarovski colour chart

How to wear Nipple Dangles.

So easy to wear place over your erect nipples. Wind up or down to suit your nipple size.

The silver is very soft but firm enough so you can open them to fit most sizes. Gently pull the erect nipples through and secure by squeezing together. They do not fall off if secured properly.

If you have very small or inverted nipples try the nipple clip dangles.

More Nipple Dangle Styles

swarovski dangle 001swarovski dangle 002swarovski dangle 003swarovski dangle 004swarovski dangle 005swarovski dangle 006swarovski dangle 007swarovski dangle 008swarovski dangle 009

Choose from crystals, butterflys, love hearts or pearls.

About Swarovski Crystal

Swarovski is a luxury brand name for the range of precision cut lead crystal glass.

They are made from the finest crystal lead glass, cut and ground with such precision that they sparkle as brilliantly as diamonds. They have a weight and style that sets them apart from normal beads.

The sparkle comes from light bouncing off internal surfaces in the lead crystal. This is why Swarovski crystals have an attractive sparkle much more so than cheaper forms of glass beads.

About Nipple Dangles

All our nipple designs are individually made not mass produced. When you buy our designs you are getting a one off piece of original jewellery.

Enjoy the sensuous feelings of the love hearts brushing your breasts.

They look even more beautiful when worn with matching clitoris clips.

Nipple Dangles are available in Gold