Nipple Dangle Jewellery

With genuine Swarovski Dangles

Any woman can wear this Nipple Jewellery. Each one is designed in a non piercing style.

Choose from 6 different styles below.

nipple dangle jewellery with sapphires
nipple jewellery with ruby dangles
nipple jewellery in style 3
butterfly nipple dangles
nipple jewellery displayed on erect nipples
nipple jewellery black pearl

This gorgeous nipple jewellery is fully adjustable. Each nipple dangle has a non piercing nipple ring with a Swarovski crystal dangle attached. Swarovski crystals, butterflys, love hearts and pearls. These delicate nipple dangles are so beautiful.

Very easy to wear just open the hand braided silver ring fit around your erect nipple and squeeze gently together for a comfortable fit.

Handmade in solid silver.

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Non Piercing Nipple Dangles.

All our adult nipple jewellery from hidden delites is individually made not mass produced. An original made especially for you.

They look wonderful when worn with matching pussy or clit jewellery.