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Hidden Delites has been making custom made jewellery since 2001

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Scrotum Jewellery

Custom made in 98 % Solid Silver.
Choice of plating, 24ct Rose Gold, 24 ct White Gold or 24ct Yellow Gold.
Made in a size 10 guage. Equals 4.06mm (0.15 inch)

scrotum cock jewellery

This Scrotum double ring is designed to fit behind your testicals and the base of your penis. Refer to pictures to see an example of it being worn. It applies pressure to the surrounding area.
This ring is designed with a guage of 10. This particular ring is made in 98 % solid silver. You have a choice of choosing 24ct Rose Gold, 24 ct Yellow Gold or 24ct White Gold Plating.
Can be worn under clothing.
Can be worn during sex.

silver scrotum ball rings


The 24ct gold plating is very durable. There is 3 coats of the most expensive gold applied on top of the solid silver ring.
They can be worn by circumsized or uncircumsized men.

rose gold scrotum custom made ring soldi silver custom made cock jewellery

You want to do it when you are in a flaccid state. Place one testicle through the ring followed by the second, leaving the ring sitting around the scrotum. Then fold the head of the penis up through the ring. If you are finding it difficult, use some lubricant or moisturiser on the cock ring the testicles and penis to help guide them through.

Measuring for your Scrotum ring. Measure when flaccid.
If you want to wear the cock ring all day and under clothing take a measurement while flaccid. (soft)
Take a string or ribbon and wrap it around the base of your testicles where it is to be worn. You will need to take a note of the circumference.
If using string mark the string then lay it on a ruler to get the circumference.
To get the diameter, take your circumference measurement and divide by 3.14
As there is a great deal of different sizes due to different anatomys if your size is not here please email for a quote.

scrotum measurement guage

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Hidden Delites has been making Custom Hand Made Jewellery since 2001.