Hidden Delites

Hidden Delites has been making custom made jewellery since 2001

non piercing nipple rings

Waist Chain Jewellery

with or without dangles

silver waist or belly jewellery

• Hand Made in 80% Solid Silver.
• Using genuine Swarovski Crystals Dangles.
• Choose from  styles and numerous colours.
• Extra links to give an added 1.5 inch. They come in multiple adjustable sizes.

waist chain jewellery no dangles 

Waist Chain

No Dangles
Multiple Waist Sizes


waist chain jewelry 

Waist Chain

Style 1
8 Colours


loveheart waist chains 

Waist Chain

Style 2 - Love Hearts
2 Colours


pearl waist belly clips 

Waist Chain

Style 3 - Pearls
2 Colours



There is a solid silver S Clip on the back. Open and attach to the link desired.
The back adjustment has 1.5 inch of silver links so you can choose to wear it tighter or looser. The waist chains are comfortable enough to wear under your clothing. You can wear them so the dangles peep out over your waist band if you want. Or you can buy it with out the dangles.

adjustable links

You can choose to have with or without crystal dangles.
This particular chain is 80 purity in solid silver. I have one and it still looks beautiful after 10 years of wearing.
Swarovski is a luxury brand name for the range of precision cut lead crystal glass.
These beads are made from the finest crystal lead glass, cut and ground with such precision that they sparkle as brilliantly as diamonds. They have a weight and style that sets them apart from normal beads.

What a beautiful way to off your waist or hips. They make a stunning present. Wear them on the beach or with a crop top. Even under a sheer top is a great way to showcase the jewelry.
Guaranteed you will be turning heads.
Check out these celebrities wearing their waist chains.

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Hidden Delites has been making Custom Hand Made Jewellery since 2001.