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Hidden Delites has been making custom made jewellery since 2001

non piercing nipple rings

Bottom Clips

24ct Gold Plating on Solid Silver

bare bottom with anal teaser jewellery

• They come in pairs. 24ct gold plating on solid silver.
• Using genuine Swarovski Crystals, Pearls or Swarovski love hearts.
• Choose from 3 styles.
• Bottom Clips are designed for both sexes to wear.
• Gently glide in your bottom.

style 1 bottom gold teaser jewellery

Bottom Jewellery
24ct gold plating

Style 1

8 Colours


anal clips

Bottom Jewellery
24ct gold plating

Style 2 - Love Hearts

2 Colours


bottom clip jewellery

Bottom Jewellery
24ct gold plating

Style 3 - Pearls

2 Colours



The first steps involve anal massage. Usually when the bottom is first touched it contracts, preventing entry. You need to get the anal muscles to relax prior to any insertion. With time you will feel the muscles relax and the anus open up. You can use saliva or a water based lubricant. Gently glide in your anal jewellery. Leave the dangle showing. Your muscle tone in your bottom keeps the jewellery in place.

bottom anal jewelry

The Clip with dangle is 8 cm (3.14 inch ) full height approx.

Anal stimulation can be especially pleasurable for men because it often stimulates the prostate, which also contains sensitive nerve endings, and for women because it indirectly stimulates the G-Spot, clitoral legs, or the cervix.

The presence of an object holding the sphincter open can strengthen the sensation of the contractions and intensify your orgasm.

Bottom jewelry can have a negative stigmatization attached to it. We are taught from an early age that our anus is dirty. While the rectum can have bugs, the normal bacteria present does not pose a risk to us as long as we are in good health and practice good hygiene.

In spite of a lot of negative feelings towards our anus, many people find their anus gives them pleasant and enjoyable sensations when touched and caressed. Many people male and female find touching their anus and inserting things into it such as bottom teasers very enjoyable.

Swarovski is a luxury brand name for the range of precision cut lead crystal glass.
They are made from the finest crystal lead glass, cut and ground with such precision that they sparkle as brilliantly as diamonds. They have a weight and style that sets them apart from normal beads.

For a larger heavier silver anal clip click here.

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Hidden Delites has been making Custom Hand Made Jewellery since 2001.