Gold Nipple Clips

These gorgeous 9ct or 14ct Gold Nipple Clips are suitable for all women. Great also for women with smaller or inverted nipples because the clip can be closed down to a small size.

They all hand made in 9ct or 14ct gold by our skilled goldsmith.

nipple clips9ct Gold
Nipple Clips
£78.00 pair

nipple clips displayed in gold14ct Gold
Nipple Clips
£93.00 pair

How to wear Gold Nipple Clips

So easy to wear. Play with your breasts and get the nipples erect. You can moisten your nipple with saliva, moisturizer or body massage oils. When the nipple is erect open the clips slide around and adjust be squeezing together. They will not fall off when secured properly.

Nipple Clips with Dangles

If you like the gold nipple clips you may be interested in the nipple clips with genuine Swarovski dangles attached.

gold love heart clips

A new sensation with the nipples clasped and dangles brushing against your breasts.

Nipple Clips

The natural beauty of your nipples are greatly enhanced when seen with gold clips clasped around your nipples.

There is nothing like seeing your erect nipples poking through these pretty nipple clips.

A great thing about Hidden Delites jewellery you can mix and match the jewellery. Match your clips up with pussy jewellery.

Nipple Clips are available in Silver