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Hidden Delites has been making custom made jewellery since 2001

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Adjustable Cock Ring Jewellery

Matt Finish or 24ct Rose Gold or 24ct Yellow Gold or 24ct White Gold Plating.

28 grams solid adjustable cock ring

Each Cock Ring is Custom Made in 98 % Solid Silver. Your choice, Matt Finish or 24ct Gold Plating.

Choose from hand braided, hand twisted or solid cock rings. Every ring is adjustable. You can adjust them to fit your penis size. You have a choice of 3/4 ounce or 1 ounce.

matt finished cock ring
braided cock ring
rose gold braided cock ring
braided cock ring
Braided Adjustable

Matt Finish or 24ct Gold Plating


sample picture matt cock ring twisted
twisted cock ring
sample twisted cock ring picture
twisted cock ring
Twisted Adjustable

Matt Finish or 24ct Gold Plating


solid cock ring sample
solid cock ring
sample solid cock ring
solid cock ring
Solid Adjustable

Cock Jewellery


• 3/4 Ounce or 1 Ounce.
• The silver is soft enough so you can adjust to suit you.
• Designed so they can be closed down or opened to suit your penis size.

The gold plating is on top of the 98% solid silver ring. Choose between 24ct Rose Gold, 24ct Yellow Gold or 24Ct White gold. The 24ct gold plating is very durable. There is 3 coats of the most expensive gold applied on top of the solid silver ring.

The cock rings are very easy to put on. The silver is solid but soft enough to adjust. Slide down over the penis. Push the outer ends on the ring outward so it opens up more or push and turn the ends together so it closes down. The ring should fit loosely when the penis is flaccid. It is mildly restrictive when the penis is erect.

You put the cock ring on when you are soft to getting excited. When you become aroused the blood flow is greatly increased in your penis making it become engorged and erect.
The cock rings work by creating a situation where the blood can't escape the penile tissue as easily. The penis becomes more engorged which results in a larger and harder erection in most men.
With all that blood flow you experience an increased sensation through the penis. The majority of men who have worn cock rings report having a harder penis and more intense orgasms when they do ejaculate.

rose gold braided cock ring jewelry 

Choose Matt Silver or 24ct Rose/Yellow/ or White Gold Plating

matt finish cock ring jewelry

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Hidden Delites has been making Custom Hand Made Jewellery since 2001.