Gold Nipple Dangles

These gorgeous 9ct gold nipple dangles can be worn by all women. The non piercing ring design will open and close to fit your nipples.

nipple dangles in red and gold

They are handmade in solid 9ct gold and with a choice of various genuine Swarovski Dangles.

The Nipple Dangles are sold in pairs.

3 styles below to choose from

nipple dangles erotic jewellery for the ladies
Gold Nipple Dangles
style 1

ladies nipple jewellery with swarovski dangles
Gold Nipple Dangles
style 2

adult erotic jewellery for the breasts
Gold Nipple Dangles
style 3

swarovski colour chart

More Gold Nipple Dangles

nipple dangles style 1nipple dangles style 2nipple dangles style 3 nipple dangles style 4nipple dangles style 5 nipple dangles style 6nipple dangles style 7 nipple dangles style 8nipple dangles style 9

Swarovski crystals, butterflys, love hearts and pearls.

How to wear the Gold Nipple Dangles

Place the ring over your erect nipple. Secure by squeezing together. They do not fall off if secured properly. The dangles will fall over your breasts

A breathtaking indulgence for your partner when they see your erect nipples wrapped in gold with the crystals sparkling against your breasts. Not to mention the satisfaction you will feel showing them off.

Nipple Dangles are available in Silver