Ear Cuffs

for Girls and Guys

braided ear cuff worn on males ear
solid ear cuff worn on womans ear
ear cuffs in braided silver design
ear cuffs for girls and guys

You can buy them in singles or pairs.

Ear Cuffs
£8.99 single

Ear Cuffs
£16.99 pair

They are very comfortable and you will not even know you are wearing them.

You can wear them on your lower ear or upper ear. The ear cuffs are hand made in solid silver by our skilled silversmith.

How to wear your Ear Cuffs

They are very easy to wear just slide on over your outer ear and gently squeeze for a secure fit to match your ear size. You can wear them on your lower ear or upper ear.

They are adjustable to fit a multiple of ear widths.

History of Non Piercing
Ear Rings

Earrings are generally the most visible jewellery seen on women.

In the 1920's women were wearing a non piercing screw on earring.

In the 1930's earrings were completely revolutionized with the invention of a non piercing clip on earring which gained a rising popularity for the next several decades. Today they are now relatively rare due to pain that was felt after wearing them for extended hours.

In the 1960's it became popular for the males to wear earrings. Primarily gay men and hippies.

In the 1970's it became popular for men and woman to wear multiple earrings. Brought on by the punk era.

Today in modern culture its mainstream to have earrings covering your upper and lower ears. Men like to wear earrings on both ears. That is where ear cuffs are great as there is no piercing involved in wearing them. Once they are on you forget they are even there. So even if you have pierced ears and you to would like to wear multiple earrings. Try out the non piercing ear cuffs. They do look great.

They do not fall off as they are squeezed around the fold in your ear and that holds it in place. You can shower, go to the gym, sleep in them and they stay in place.

Punk Fashion

makes a comeback, with studs, grommets, zippers, embellishing shoes, belts and handbags. Ear cuffs fit right in with the new wave look. Also check outbody rings.

punk rock and new wave ear cuffs

Ear Cuffs

have gained popularity as they retain the funkiness associated with pierced items and other new jewellery, but do not actually require the piercing.

So enjoy wearing an earring with out the need of a piercing. Wear and remove when you want.

Ear Cuffs are available in Gold