Nipple Shields

in Solid 9ct Gold

Any woman can wear these exquisite handmade non piercing 9ct solid gold nipple shields.

They are an expensive piece of jewellery and will last an eternity.

You really are getting an original piece of jewellery when you purchase these gold nipple shields.

nipple shield gold flowernon piercing flower nipple shield

Solid Gold Flower
Nipple Shields
£649 pair

nipple shield gold star non piercing nipple shield star

Solid Gold Star
Nipple Shields
£649 pair

nipple shield gold circlenon piercing nipple shield circle

Solid Gold Circle
Nipple Shields
£649 pair

A non piercing gold nipple ring fits delicately in the center of the nipple shield. Place the shield over the nipple and tighten the ring down to fit your nipple size.

Demonstration on how the nipple shields open and close.

Small Gold Nipple Shields are also available.

small gold nipple shield flowersmall gold petal nipple shield

Gold Nipple Shields

What a fantastic gift knowing that you are giving that special one off piece of stunning body jewellery. Not only that you get to have the pleasure of seeing your lovers erect nipples poking through the center of the flowers, circles or stars. You can even wear them under clothing and no one will know but you. So sexy and erotic. Expensive but shes worth it.

All our jewellery is designed by Hidden Delites.

Nipple Shields are available in Silver