Gold Clitoris Clips

with Swarovski Dangles

Clit jewellery is designed for any woman to wear, slide the gold clip around your inner labia lips.

Each one is hand made in 9ct Gold using genuine Swarovski crystal dangles.

gold clit clip chain jewellery

Wearing a clitoris clip will definitely stimulate the whole vagina area. The clitoris clip is slightly constricting creating a breathtaking feeling for the woman wearing the jewellery. Treat your lover to this unique gift.

The designs are standard and deluxe. The difference being the deluxe has an added third dangle which is placed over your clitoris. Giving that extra stimulation to your most intimate part.

clitoris clips in gold

Standard Gold
Style 1

clitoris teaser jewellery with sapphire dangles

Deluxe Gold
Style 1

swarovski colour chart

How to wear Clit Clips

Stimulate the clitoris. Open up the clip and slide around your inner labia lips. Leave your clitoris protruding at the top of the clip.

Squeeze the clip together. The dangles will hang between your legs brushing against your inner thighs. If you have brought the deluxe clit jewellery place the added dangle to sit on top of your clitoris for extra stimulation.

More Clitoris Clips

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Swarovski crystals, butterflys, love hearts and pearls.

Clit Jewellery

The clitoris jewellery looks great when paired up with matching gold nipple dangles.

Fantastic foreplay to help bring you to climax.

Clit Jewellery is available in Silver