Waist Chains

with Swarovski dangles

style 2

Each waist chain is hand made in solid silver.

waist chain jewellery displayed on models hips

This waist chain has four crystal dangles attached around the chain. A total of 16 genuine Swarovski crystals. You can wear them on you hips or waist. Choose from a multiple of sizes including a back adjustment of 1.5 inches.

waist jewellery with sparkling dangles attached around the chain

Measure your waist or hips and choose below from 24 inch to 47.5 inches.

24 to 25.5
inch waist

26 to 27.5
inch waist

28 to 29.5
inch waist

30 to 31.5
inch waist

32 to 33.5
inch waist

34 to 35.5
inch waist

36 to 37.5
inch waist

38 to 39.5
inch waist

40 to 41.5
inch waist

42 to 43.5
inch waist

44 to 45.5
inch waist

46 to 47.5
inch waist

swarovski colour chart

How to wear your waist chain

Easy to put on. Just clip around your waist.

The back adjustment has 1.5 inches of silver links so you can choose to wear it on your waist or hips. The waist chains are comfortable enough to wear under your clothing. You can wear this style so the dangles peep out over your waist band.

More Waist Chains

Below are more dangle styles.

swarovski dangle 001swarovski dangle 002swarovski dangle 003swarovski dangle 004swarovski dangle 005swarovski dangle 006swarovski dangle 007swarovski dangle 008swarovski dangle 009No dangle waist chain

Choose from crystals, butterflys, love hearts, pearls or no dangles.

About Waist Chains

All our waist chain jewellery is individually made not mass produced. When you buy our designs you are getting a one off piece of original jewellery.

Quite alluring. If you are feeling daring wear a mid drift top to really showcase the jewellery.

Belly chains are very popular. Wear them out you will feel so sexy. That will certainly turn a few heads. You can even wear them down on the beach. Something just a little bit different.

Wear an original piece of waist jewellery and just wait for the admiring glances when you wear one out.


Use of waist chains can be traced back to 4000 years or more. Waist chains were very commonly used in Eastern countries by both men and women. Sometimes as a part of a religious ceremonies or as a fashion and to show affluence. In the west today an increasing number of women including celebrities.

Waist chains are available in Gold