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Hidden Delites has been making custom made jewellery since 2001

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you post World Wide?

Yes we do. We send world wide to every country. America is Speedpost USPS. England and Europe by Royal Mail or International Tracking.

How much does postage cost?

In the U.K.£3.50. Anywhere else in the World £5.50.

Discreet Packaging?

All of our orders are sent in discreet packaging. Always a plain envelope. There is no reference to the website Hidden Delites featured on the package. The return address showing is R Garrett followed by our address.

How do I order the jewellery?

Click on the buy now under the product and follow the instructions. On this website you can only pay by Pay Pal.

You can also find Hidden Delites on Etsy - Etsy accepts all major credit cards.

How long will it take you to answer my email?

We endeavour to respond to any emails within 24 during the working week.
Please be assured that we read every single email we receive. Very occasionally some emails have been seen by our email delivery service to be spam and have been deleted before we have seen them.
If you have not heard from us for any reason try sending another email through a different email address.

Have we received your order?

Whenever you place an order with us, a confirmation email is sent to you with details of the order you have made.
If you did not receive one it is possible it may have been caught in your junk mail. Look through your junk mail and see if your confirmation emails have appeared there. If in doubt as to the status of your order feel free to contact us.

I think I may have been charged too much for my order. Why is this?

If you think you may have been charged more than you expected, it is more than likely because we take all of our payments in UK GBP. If you are from another country it will show a different amount.

On our ordering information you will find A Currency Converter. Also available on this page. Click on the following Link Universal Currency Converter Click the BACK Button when you have finished checking your currency and it will bring you back to

My order has not arrived, what should I do?

Please note all our jewellery is hand made. Please allow up to 28 working days for delivery. All orders are sent speed post or royal mail or international tracking. You will normally receive your order within 3 weeks. If you are wondering how your order is progressing you can email us for assistance.

What is hand made Jewellery?

Hand made jewellery is that which is crafted by hand. Unlike modern machine jewellery no two pieces of handmade jewellery even of the same design will be identical. Hand made jewellery is complex as it is created using age old metal smithing techniques such as forging, raising, chasing, soldering and much more to create these jewellery designs. The silver and gold may be etched, engraved or coloured using a variety of techniques. All in all you will be getting an original piece of jewellery when you buy that special one off piece from Hidden Delites. We have specially chosen silversmith and goldsmiths to do each piece of jewellery.

How do I clean my Jewellery?

Yes it is possible to clean the jewellery. Sometimes silver jewellery will lose its sheen due to sulfides which is air pollution or by body lotions. Simply use a little bit of soap rub over the jewellery and run under warm water, dry off with a soft cloth. Straight away you will see the sparkle of the silver like brand new. If looked after it hold its sparkling sheen for years to come. Or you can purchase an anti tarnish cleaning cloth for silver. Found in most department stores. Gold does not tarnish but it may lose its sheen due to body lotions, hair spray, etc. Like silver simply rinse under warm water with soap and dry off with a soft cloth. When you are not wearing your jewellery, keep it in a jewellery box or your free jewellery pouch to protect it.

Can I pay using American Express?

Yes. Through Pay Pal. So when you go to the check out choose Pay Pal. Pay pal accepts these cards.

How to Contact Us?

If you have more questions click here to complete a contact or enquiry form.

We Post World Wide

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You can also find Hidden Delites on Etsy - Etsy accepts all major credit cards.

Hidden Delites has been making Custom Hand Made Jewellery since 2001.