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Hidden Delites has been making custom made jewellery since 2001

non piercing nipple rings

Nipple Rings

Non Piercing

non piercing nipple rings

• Custom made in solid silver.
• They are sold in pairs.
• Choose between Braided, Solid or Twisted Nipple Rings.
• Any woman can wear these Nipple Rings as no piercing is needed.

The silver is very soft so you can open them to fit most sizes. Gently pull the erect nipples through or get your partner to place the ring in their mouth then gently suck them through. Adjust by squeezing them gently for a secure fit.
They do not fall off when secured properly.
Not suitable if you have an inverted nipple or flat nipple.

braided nipple rings
nipple ring jewellery

Single Wrap Braided
£19.00 pair

nipple ring jewelry
nipple rings

Single Wrap Solid
£19.00 pair

nipple ring
non piercing body rings

Single Wrap Twisted
£19.00 pair

The non piercing Nipple Rings open and close to fit different sized nipples as seen in the pictures on the ruler below.

non piercing nipple ringsnon piercing nipple rings

The single are 4.5 cm in length. (1.77 inch)
They are then wound into the circular shape for your nipples.

For longer or wider nipples you can also buy DOUBLE or TRIPLE Wrap Nipple Rings

non piercing nipple ringsnon piercing nipple rings

What's special about these nipple rings from Hidden Delites they are handmade in solid silver. You are buying a one off original piece of body jewellery. They can be worn by any woman who does not have an inverted nipple.

The natural beauty of your nipples are enhanced with rings of silver jewellery wrapped around them giving them an erect look.

Nipple Rings are also available in Solid 9ct Solid Gold

You can also find Hidden Delites on Etsy - Etsy accepts all major credit cards.

Hidden Delites has been making Custom Hand Made Jewellery since 2001.