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Hidden Delites has been making custom made jewellery since 2001

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Toe Ring - Engraved

14ct Solid Gold

toe rings in solid gold

• Hand Made in solid 14ct gold.
• Adjustable, engraved toe ring.

toe rings with gold engraving

Solid 14ct Gold Toe Ring

Put moisturizer around the toe and the ring, then push the ring over the toe. Because of the adjustability the rings can be adjusted to fit any toe size. Normally they are worn on the 2nd toe as this is really comfortable. If you are having difficulty in putting this toe ring on find a pen and slide it on to it. Push it up the pen and that will help expand it to a larger size.

Once on, the toe rings do not fall off as you have a pad under your toe that holds it in place. You can shower, wear shoes, go to the gym and they stay in place. After a day or two you won't even realize you have anything on your toes. They are designed so they won't get caught on anything.

There are a lot of toe rings out there but not too many that are completely handmade with engraving. That is what makes this one so unique. You will be buying an original piece of gold jewelry no body else has. They are also available in solid silver.

toe ring in solid gold

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Hidden Delites has been making Custom Hand Made Jewellery since 2001.