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Genuine Swarovski Crystals and Pearls

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Information about Swarovski Crystals.

Swarovski is a luxury brand name for the range of precision cut lead crystal glass.

Swarovski crystal was invented by Daniel Swarovski in 1895 in Bohemia. They are made from the finest crystal lead glass, cut and ground with such precision that they sparkle as brilliantly as diamonds. They have a weight and style that sets them apart from normal beads.

Swarovski uses only high lead content crystal glass. Typically a full 32% of the glass is lead and lead oxide. The presence of the lead increases the index of refraction, bringing it closer to that of a diamond. The sparkle comes from light bouncing off internal surfaces in the lead crystal. This is why Swarovski crystals have an attractive sparkle much more so than cheaper forms of glass beads.

Information about Swarovski Crystal Pearls.

Swarovski Pearls are perfect imitations of natural pearls. Combining an innovative pearl coating over a crystal core. Ensuring a flawless surface and exact curves. As with natural pearls, Swarovski crystal pearls adjust to skin temperature. These pearls are abrasion proof, resistant to perfume, perspiration, electroplating, UV light and scratches. They can be washed.

Information about Swarovski Crystal AB. Butterfly.

AB. stands for Aurora Boreale. It is a special coating developed in 1955 in collaboration with Christian Dior. It is applied to the surface of the Swarovski glass crystals to produce a rainbow coloured sparkle. It is achieved by vapor blasting the facets of the lower part of the crystals with an invisible, micro thin metal sheet. It echoes all the vibrant oranges, yellows, blues and greens of the Aurora Borealis, the "Northern Lights" atmospheric phenomena.

Information about the Amethyst Gem Stones.

Amethyst is a dazzling violet semi precious stone that is found throughout the world. It is a much loved gem stone worn throughout the ages. It is a very heavy stone which is why it works so well in our heavy clit jewellery.

Information about Black Onyx Beads.

Black Onyx is a rich looking jet black bead. It is often used to create elegant jewellery. It is a precision cut bead with many facets which gives it a wonderful sparkle.

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red ruby love heart swarovski crystals
Nipple Clips with ruby love heart swarovski dangles.

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Hidden Delites has been making Custom Hand Made Jewellery since 2001.